Shelley creates still life compositions, using modern technology to create classical imagery and artwork. The play with illusionary elements like unconventional lighting, forced perspective and juxtaposed objects characterises the work. This results in everyday objects taking on an intriguing and surreal ambience. When engaged in conceptual work (fine art practise) boundaries of process are no longer restricting. The artist is free to use which ever method best suitable to illustrate the idea and in many cases a mixed media approach is most effective.

Shelley uses conceptual photography to tell a story with a single image or composition. A lot of the time the message is conveyed in an abstract way
using random objects and props. Although the image may be shot to tell one story, it can very easily be interpreted in different ways by each person who sees it.
In the case of “Passing” featuring daffodils in a vase, these are among the first flowers of spring. The composition therefore is intended to evoke stillness, but upon closer observation you become aware of pollen that has fallen to the stone, suggesting a passing of time. Likewise in the composition “Forest” two broccoli florets are used to symbolise the force of nature through what appears to be an impervious material.

All still life prints are original limited edition photographs, printed using archival pigment inks on handmade paper or gessoed canvas.

Stone Slab Series

Compote Series

Niche Series